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The mysterious shadow people
The mysterious shadow peoplePicture yourself in this scenario: You’re sitting comfortably on your sofa while you're browsing the pages of a magazine in your dimly-lit room. Then, all of a sudden, you noticed a movement across the room from the corner of your eye. The figure was dark and shadow-like, but you knew that should not be possible since you’re the only one there. Naturally, you gave it a second and closer look and verified that there was really nothing there. And so, you shrug off the eerie feeling swirling inside your stomach and returned to reading your magazine. But then, a few moments later, there it was again!
‘Deerbat’ Seen outside of Rockford Similar to Chicago Flying Humanoid
‘Deerbat’ Seen outside of Rockford Similar to Chicago Flying HumanoidThe Singular Fortean Society was contacted recently by a witness who claimed to have seen a creature similar to the flying humanoid that's been haunting the area around Lake Michigan.  The witness, who agreed to attach his first name, Dalton, to the sighting, first reported his encounter online two years ago.  The sighting itself took place in 2010.
HISTORY OF THE CHICAGO TRIBESSuch were the three tribes that we know once occupied the territory where the city of Chicago now stands, but in order to understand their coming and going, the history of this part of the Great Lakes region must be briefly considered.

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